Shad's is smart in every way the main reason to lunch shad's is to provide the greatest user experience with developing, technology, smart, and high-end services through bringing out board experience to Egypt reagarding mens's beauty care.

Shad's customers are strong and bold, Everything feels energetic, pushing the limits to express confidence and in-dependence. This is not about conformity or following the crowd here the individual is king.

Shad's leads the way, breaking new groud in the ground in the market. shad's is down-to-earth and practical. There's no pretnsion here but rather a sense of shargin and togetherness which is warm and welcoming. Shad's is about connections and belonging, is issupportive and faithful.

Our Vision

Our Vision is being the men's first chioce to enjoy their time. Our aim ismaking them spend the most great moments of their life.

Our Mission

Our Mission is providing a real genuine ezperience which engrave a great experience reagarding each small detail in our customer's memory.